What is Girl Code Anyway?

What is Girl Code? It’s a strict set of guidelines all girls must follow in order to stay “in” with their core group of friends, think Mean Girls meets Clueless. Now the better question is, what is “Shy Code,” It is my do’s and don’ts must haves and have-nots, for girls who still have unanswered questions from Sex and The City & MTV’s show Girl Code and here is my first set of survival tips for the 20-something female!

  • Do not let your drunk friend wander: we all have that one friend that at one point in the night, you cannot find her. This is where the buddy system comes in and heavy. Always travel in packs, whether its to grab a drink or go to the bathroom. It does suck getting stuck with the babysitting job, but you also don’t want to be the one she blames when she’s making snow angels in her own vomit outside of the bar!
  • Never EVER start a fling with a boy one of your friends dated liked or even considered dating because she will not forgive you, and it is a major girl code violation
  • Do NOT be the friend that tells your boyfriend what you and your girls talk about. No one ever likes to talk around the girl who that tells her boyfriend everything.  We won’t trust or really like you much once you do that too many times.
  • once you get a boyfriend DO NOT only come around when you have an argument or once you guys break up, this is a big girl code no-no, your friends will shun you and you will be miserable!

Follow these rules and everything will stay in order in Girl World!



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