Tips & Tricks To Ensure Your Costume is A Hit This Halloween

October is here which means lets break out the leotards and sexy nurse costumes ladies LOL, no but really Halloween is the one time of the year where you can dress up in the most ridiculous costumes and not be judged for it as an adult. There are just some things girls need to be mindful of when they are gearing up for Halloween.

1. DIY Nightmares do happen so make sure you plan ahead. There is nothing worse than having a great DIY costume idea in your head and when you try to actually make your vision transcend into real life, it looks like a leotard with spray paint all over it. Try making the costume at least two weeks before halloween, this gives you time to have more than one try and if all else fails run out and buy a back-up costume.

 2. Try to ensure your costume is obvious. There is nothing worse than walking around a party all night and everyone is asking you, “so what are you supposed to be?” If anyone watched One Tree Hill then you will remember the halloween episode when, Brooke Davis attempted to be half of A Clockwork Orange, no one got it! Which brings me to my next point, do not try to be too witty, K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid)

Looks like an orange, but she intended to be half of, “A Clockwork Orange.”

3. 99.9% of girls are going to be some type of sexy something, but can we stay away from the top  typical sexy costumes. Nurse, Vampire, Cop and Maid. Now, with whatever sexy costume you go with, leave something to the imagination. If you decide to show cleavage, show minimal to no leg. If you are showing leg, show minimal to no cleavage.

-These are my shycode approved tips to get through this Halloween weekend.


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