You get One Body to Live in, be Good to it!

Eating Healthy and working out is a decision people make for many reasons. It could range from trying to lose weight maintaining weight or just trying to live an overall healthier lifestyle. About a year ago I was not happy with my weight and I decided to alter my diet and workout routine to slim down a little and to stay at a healthy weight that I was comfortable with. I decided to share how I went about that with you guys. I still would like to slim down and tone up, but I am VERY comfortable with my weight and body now. Being busy and always on the go it is difficult to always make the best choices when it comes to food, but this is how I started to change my diet for the better!

1. Some of the crap just has to go! You have to think about your diet and remove things that you can live without and what your body will do better without. Some people make drastic changes like no dairy and well that could never be me because life without pizza may not be life at all. A major adjustment I decided to make was limiting red meat  and completely removing pork from my diet. I stick to leaner meats and fish as a staple in my diet. Be realistic in your diet limitations, if you know that you eat way too much bread and you love it, do not try to remove it but switch to a healthier option like whole wheat.

2. TRY NEW THINGS. When trying to eat healthy it is very easy to fall off the train because the meals can get boring or repetitive if you are not willing to try new things. You would be surprised at how many healthy alternatives taste good if prepared the right way.

3. As much as I sometimes hate getting out of bed to do it, working out is VITAL. You don’t have to be doing Crossfit, but getting out there and jogging or even brisk walking help. I prefer to workout outside for a couple of reasons. One being the scenery doesn’t allow me to get bored like I would on the treadmill at the gym and two you can tone your entire body FOR FREE.

4. Drink or eat your calories never both! I am a foodie so I much rather enjoy a meal then drink a soda or a milkshake that has a majority of my suggested daily calorie intake.

5. If you are not big on eating veggies, BLEND THEM. You could not pay me to eat carrots so I make sure to put them in my daily smoothie. I like to start my day off with a smoothie with kale spinach and an assortment of other veggies and fruit. I always try to keep it mainly veggies because I will not eat them as willingly as I should.

Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is a gradual process and gets easier with time and consistency.

BE GOOD TO YOUR BODY. You have to live in it!


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