From the Fridge to Your Face

This week I didn’t drink as much water as I usually do and suddenly 2 pimples appeared on my forehead. From the moment, they appeared I KNEW it was because of my decreased water intake. Your skin is a direct indication of what is going on inside of your body. Up until we are about 18 or 19 we blame acne on puberty, but at 22-years-old I know that is not the case and that’s why I began to research face mapping. There are acne medicines and switches in your skincare regimen that can help but sometimes your skin is telling you something about your health and problems in your diet. Using a face map you can pinpoint what part of your body may be imbalanced or what adjustments you may need to make in order to improve your skin’s condition. There are a lot of environmental factors that can affect your skin as well. So I am going to give a little breakdown of what pimples in certain areas of the face mean and what in your diet can be causing breakouts focusing mainly on what in your diet could be plaguing your skin. (Some face maps are more extensive than others and link your organs to different parts of the face but for this one we are going to focus on our diets.)


Forehead: Poor digestion & lack of water. Staying away from sugar and processed foods is the first step to begin clearing your forehead and drink PLENTY of water. 

Nose: Carbonated drinks, meat, spicy foods and sodium.

Cheeks: Not changing pillowcases regularly and dirty phone screens. Pimples on the lower cheek can be indicative of poor dental health.

Chin: DAIRY is the biggest culprit for acne in this region. If you are always breaking out on your chin it is most likely your dairy consumption and greasy foods so cutting down on that will decrease the likelihood of you seeing new pimples develop on your chin. For ladies, our chins and jaw line can also be a problem area when it is that time of the month so be mindful of when you are seeing pimples in this area.



You truly are what you eat, so making some subtle changes can help your skin. Remember that no change will happen overnight and your skin typically regenerates itself every few months so most changes to overall complexion or skin elasticity will happen gradually. 

Until Next Time,


Also, note that some people have cystic acne or other conditions that can cause their skin to break out so this may not help you if that is your situation.



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