Updated Skin Care Routine

This past summer I wrote a post about my skincare routine. Since then I have made many changes in regards to the products I use and types of chemicals I put onto my skin. I have been using an 85% holistic approach to life especially involving my skin care. Which I got into because of one of my favorite bloggers Fran of HeyFranHey.com (check her out) The only thing that has stayed the same from that post is my water intake. Drinking plenty of water is KEY for a flawless complexion.



I cleanse my face with this I typically cut the bar into small pieces lather it up and I let it sit on my skin for a few moments. I go straight to this step if I do not have any makeup on.


Once you get past the smell ACV is so beneficial for your skin and overall health (which we will get to in a few more posts) I mix the ACV  with equal parts water in an empty travel bottle and use this as my toner. It not only helps prevent and treat acne, but it also helps lighten acne scars and evens out your complexion.


After the ACV toner has dried I put a dime sized amount of jojoba oil on my palm mixed with about 3 drops of tea tree oil to moisturize. Tea  tree oil is also good to help prevent and treat acne. It needs to be mixed with jojoba as a carrier oil because it can be harsh when applied directly to your skin. Jojoba oil is also good to remove your makeup. I use a dime sized amount rub it all over my face and use a clean damp washcloth to get rid of any excess makeup and then I begin the cleaning process with the black soap.



Acne spot treatment mixed with a carrier oil to treat pimples naturally.

If you want to incorporate oils into your skincare routine. Do  your research and see what is more compatible for your skin type. https://www.beneficialbotanicals.com/facts-figures/comedogenic-rating.html this list ranks oils on a scale 0-5 that tells you what won’t clog your pores and what will. Everything is also trial and error, so good luck and I want to hear if any of you try this routine or something similar and how it works out for you!

-Until Next Time













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