Out With The Old for the New Year!

Ok, so let’s be realistic not many of us can afford to splurge on a completely new wardrobe, but there are some minor adjustments to be done to ensure that your wardrobe is up to par for the new year. Instead of adding to your wardrobe, removing things may be the first step in completely revamping your look! Here are some trends we must say goodbye to for 2015 and possibly for GOOD!

(click on any of the photos to view the gallery and to see my reasons why)

Happy Holidays and Good luck!

-Shyanne W



A Wang X HM… The Clock is Ticking!

I’m not sure if everyone remembers quite like I do, but Rihanna teased us all in September when she stepped out in an outfit from the A Wang x HM collection, two whole months before it was set to be released to be public. Rihanna, left us all dying to see the rest of the collection.¬†October 16th Wang, took it uptown with a star studded fashion show and unveiled the full collection. The collection will be on sale November 6th in stores and online. This line gives me Nomcore meets Goth at the gym!

Check out photos below, What do you guys think? What are your favorite pieces?

Rihanna’s A Wang X HM debut early September

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